Triptychs – Perhaps because of my filmmaking background, I am very interested in the interactions between images, and the resulting tensions, emotions and narratives these juxtapositions create.  These Triptych series allow for this image interplay on multiple levels:  Perspective, texture, color, composition, subject matter, space, and light.  The visual conflict excites the mind and senses.


Triptych printing  - Custom printing only

Due to the unusual proportions of these images, custom printing is necessary and is available in up to 30” x 75”.  Custom prints can be ordered directly through me, please see details below for pricing and ordering information.  


Custom printing

Custom-made prints are exhibition grade, archival, and produced to the highest quality standards.  All work is done locally in Dallas, Texas, USA.  Let me know what you would like and I will take care of it for you.  


Photochemical Prints - Exhibition grade, Type-C Photographic prints, Color

These prints are made on Kodak or Fuji photo-emulsion coated RC paper and chemically processed to archival standards. Available in glossy, semi-gloss or matte finishes.


Fine Art prints - Exhibition grade, Matte Fine Art prints, Color

These prints use archival ink jet printing on museum quality, 100% cotton rag paper.  This paper has a very matte surface.


Size of paper, including border (in inches)                    Type-C Photochemical Print                   Fine Art Matte Inkjet Print

11 x 35                                                                                                      $  125                                                      $ 150

15 x 40                                                                                                         220                                                         250

20 x 50                                                                                                        330                                                         375

24 x 60                                                                                                        450                                                         500

30 x 75                                                                                                         750                                                         825


To order custom prints of Triptych images:

You can order custom prints through me directly and pay online, link below. 


Please email me at [email protected] with:

Image gallery name, #, quantity, size and type of print you would like.  For example: 

     Triptychs 2015 #2:  1 x 11x35, Type-C; 1 x 20x50, Fine Art

     Triptychs 2015 #4:  3 x 24x60, Fine Art

If you are local to Dallas and will pick them up, let me know before you order so that I can send you a discount to cancel out the shipping costs.  


Pay online here:

If you have any questions about the ordering process, don’t hesitate to contact me. 


Once I receive your payment, I will put in the order at the lab. These prints are custom made here in Dallas and I personally supervise the process to ensure the best results.   Custom quality takes time, so please allow one to three weeks for your prints to be finished.  I will notify you as soon as they are ready for shipment or pick up.  


Thank you for your interest in my work and for your business!